Fencing in Stafford

Here at Wulstan Fencing we supply and fit timber fencing in Stafford in Staffordshire we have many different types of fencing in stock from the standard waney lap panels, heavy duty close board panels, to the decorative panels in Crewe to make your garden stand out and look amazing, All the panels are pressure treated to help them last longer from rot, over the years we have found all the best quality materials we can, to make sure we have the best product available in Stafford and Stone.

Timber Fencing Stafford

We make the close board panels at our warehouse so we know that they are the best we put a extra feather edge board on so they have a more of overlap, (stronger) all the wood is pine and spruce from the united kingdom or Europe, FSC certification www.fsc-uk.org. supply only prices for fencing suppliers in Stafford, Staffordshire - Call 07517 205011

Garden Fencing in Stafford

Fencing is one of the best ways to define your boundaries in the garden and cheaper than a brick wall, there are many different styles of wooden fencing for the gardens and all different sizes as well, if you are not sure about where your boundary is we can point you in the right direction.

Close Board Fencing Stafford

Traditional close board fencing is constructed on site this is what you see on new builds vertical feather edge boards are fixed to arris rails which you can have wooden posts or concrete posts. This fencing is more flexible that stand paneling because this comes in 3m lengths so you have more of chance to miss all the trees etc and great for slopping gardens so this prevents you stepping the fence, close board fencing in Stafford.

Close Board Fencing Stafford
Panelling Fencing Stafford

Panelling Fencing Stafford

This is the standard fencing close board or waney lap panels which comes in 6ft wide as standard these can be cut down or a bespoke panel can be made to 8ft wide these are made at the warehouse and fitted in concrete posts and gravel boards which come in plain or rock face one sided or even in wooden posts depends on the customers prefers, all pressure treated, if we ever fit wooden posts we always put side rails down on the close board panels so they are the strongest they can be garden fencing in Stafford.

Trellis Fencing Stafford

We make our own square trellis in the warehouse with approx. 4” squares with laths all this wood is pressure treated also we can source the diamond trellis in from the KDM range which are fully framed in so they look really nice and are great quality fencing products, trellis panels in Stafford contact us.

Trellis Fencing Stafford
Picket Fencing Stafford

Picket Fencing Stafford

We also make the best picket fencing in Stafford from rough sawn or planned pales, round top, pointed top, these panels can come in many different sizes 1ft to 6ft high and 1ft to 10ft wide we also make gates to match the fencing, all out pressure treated wood the pales can be 3 x 3/4 ” or 4 x 3/4” if they are planned they are smaller measurements, picket fencing stoke these panels look better with wooden posts but you can use concrete if you wanted to, timber fencing in Stafford .

Decorative Fencing Stafford

We stock in KDM panels in which are our premium range of fencing in Stafford, these fence panels will change the look of your garden please (find our brochure on these) also we can source the gates to match the fencing these panels are great designs to transform your gardens, these are all pressure treated these panels meet the highest standards of timber products.all the measurements are in the middle of the panels and all metric. these panels do you look nicer in wooden posts but they can still put in concrete posts if you want, decorative fencing in Stafford, Staffordshire..

Decorative Fencing

Decorative Fencing Stafford
Fencing Suppliers Stafford

Quality Fencing in Staffordshire

These panels are made by hand with screws to hold the boards together and staples for the trellis panels fencing in Staffordshire and these meet the highest standards of timber products. all the measurements are in the middle of the arch panels and all metric. (So not 6ft ) but we have the extension kits for them so they fit into your existing concrete posts, these panels do look nicer in wooden posts because it’s all matching and same colour and blends in for the contemporary look but they can still put in concrete posts if you want, decorative fencing in Staffordsfhire.

Premium Fencing in Stafford

We stock in KDM panels in which are our premium range of fencing in Stone, Staffordshire, these fence panels will change the look of your garden.

Decorative Lattice Fencing

These panels are great if you need to screen off a section of your garden they come in straight, concave or convex, these can be put in with wooden or concrete posts, all pressure treated fencing in Stafford.

Premium Fencing Stone
Contemporary Fencing Stoke on Trent

Contemporary Fencing Stafford

New contemporary screening panels.
These panels are great to give the contemporary look in your garden or even in between the brick pillars so they let the wind through so it can help to save the pillars becoming loose.

All pressure treated wood and planned

When this is fitted in the garden we have to put a post every 1m so it’s support properly then each rails is brad nailed onto the posts.

Arbours Pergolas Stafford

Arbours and Arches and Pergolas

We supply and fit pergolas and arches out of this brochure or we can make them from scratch to suit any size you may need for your garden, we have got 20 years experience in building these and we have transformed many gardens seating areas etc. Also we can make oak pergolas as well ask for more information.

All these materials are pressure treated to help against the rot we do a free site visit or if you have the measurements we can work a price out for you in Stafford, Staffordshire.

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